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KOKUYO Tube File Twin Eco A4-S – 4cm

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Code : F-RT640
Size : 4cm (A4-S)
Capacity : 400 sheet
Color : Blue and Grey


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The “Eco” tube file has evolved thereafter through various improvements such as making the binding fittings reusable and the cover replaceable. It has taken an important role as a product that symbolizes KOKUYO’s stance of tackling ecological issues through further improvements such as using wood thinned from forests as the core material and introducing the all-paper type file that uses paper even for the metal parts. In the “Carbon Footprint of Products (CFP) System Trial Project” (*2) started in 2009, for example, KOKUYO first participated with this product, which passed the inspection to become KOKUYO’s first product authorized to display the CFP mark. These thorough efforts in developing environmentally friendly products have won immense support from our customers and the “Eco” file tube’s market share has expanded remarkably to make it the standard of cardboard-cover files today.- Compact makes sure maximum usage of space – 2 way opening: Multi opening on left and right side makes it easy to access papers- Unique lock mechanism- 1 touch button makes the files easy to use- Special designed tube binder prevents your documents from being damaged- Maximum: 400sheets A4

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