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Paper Fastener U Clip / Plastic Paper Clip – Pack of 20 pc

RM18.00 RM22.00


Please allow 1-3 days for delivery of this item

Pack of 20 pc
Color : Yellow / Blue


Earn up to 18 Points.

Plastic fastener U Clip converts any file folder  to function like a three-ring binder in seconds.

Here’s, how it works:

1. Remove the adhesive backing from the ready clip base piece and fix it to the inside of your file folder.
2. Insert the extension bar through the holes in the compressor bar.
3. Next, insert the extension bar through your hole punch documents.
4. Connect the extension bar to the tubing of the base. Then, slide the documents and compressor bar down to the bar.
5. Tuck the tubing under the tabs on the compressor bar.
6. To add or remove documents from your folder, simply detach the extension bar from the tubing. Insert or remove the documents you need. Then, reattach the extension bar. Tuck the tubing under the tabs as before.

With the Plastic fastener U Clip you can:
– You can flip through a file like a book;
– Pages are easy to add / remove; and
– You can photocopy pages without having to remove them from the file.

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