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ZEBRA Mildliner Twin Tip Highlighter Pen – Set of 5 pc

RM18.50 RM29.00


Please allow 1-3 days for delivery of this item

Dual sided twin tip highlighter – One side in bold, one side in fine
Line width: Bold: 4.0 mm / fine: 1.0 to 1.4 mm
The Mildliner highlighter features a unique color that shows up softly on paper.
It has just the right shade to attract your attention, but won’t overwhelm you with bright fluorescence.
The highlighter is double-sided with a broad and fine tip.
Bullet journal essential
Quality product made from Japan.


Earn up to 18 Points.

Simplify. Organize. Create.

Zebra’s Mildliner features a unique mild color that shows up softly on paper and a broad and fine point tip for all hand lettering and marking applications. Whether you are using the Mildliner for your bullet journal, planner, hand lettering or studying for your next exam, it will help you express yourself in a unique way!

Double ended featuring bullet and chisel tip Ideal for hand lettering and creative applications Mild water resistant ink is translucent and excellent for layering Acid Free, Archival Quality AP certified non-toxic

Set Included :-

Cool Blue Pack (WKT7-5NC): Green, Dark Blue, Grey, Violet, Red
Pastel Pink Pack(WKT7-5C): Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue Green, Blue Warm
Yellow Pack(WKT7-5RC): Smoke Blue, Magenta, Golden Orang , Vermilion, Brown
Peach Orange Pack(WKT7-N-5C): Apricot, Coral Pink, Lemon Yellow, Cyan, Dark Grey
Green Pack(WKT7-5C-HC): Mild Citrus Green, Mild Fuschia, Mild Lavender, Mild Marigold, Mild Summer Green
Soda Blue(WKT7-5C-YC): Honey Orange, Sherbet Yellow, Soda Blue, Lilac, Baby Pink
Olive(WKT7-5C-NTC): Cool Gray, Dusty Pink, Olive, Cream, Beige

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